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Life Science manufacturing development saves $853k from mechanical loading study by H+O

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Structure costs are not something structural engineers measure, making it impossible for them to understand the cost implications of the design decisions they make day in and day out. The reality is small, seemingly insignificant design decisions greatly impact the bottom line. With the H+O Cost Index, you no longer need to accept this blind risk. We leverage technology and cost data to inform structural design so you don’t overspend.

Some things you simply take for granted. The 5-day, 40-hour work week. Typical details in design and construction. The list goes on, but have you taken a second look?

In structural engineering, mechanical design loads for spec-built, life science developments fall into this category. Without specified equipment, floors systems in mechanical rooms are commonly engineered to support 150 psf. This blanket design load is often applied to prospective roof top dunnage frames too. It’s an appropriate assumption in many cases, but excessive in others.

H+O Structural Engineering partnered with a confidential developer to create a 300k GSF life science manufacturing campus.

The objective?

Create a flexible base building design to support the future mechanical equipment demands of preeminent life science organizations and avoid excessive sunken costs which diminish returns without adding value to prospective tenants. The mechanical equipment to support future tenants is undefined, but sure to be expansive considering future operational demands.

If we’re too conservative, the developer will have excessive sunken costs in the base building.

If we’re too complacent, the developer and tenant will waste time and capital upgrading a brand-new building.

Instead of taking the 150psf design load standard for granted, H+O dug in. Our design assumptions significantly impact foundations, columns, metal roof deck and lateral system elements. We took a pragmatic approach to the global structural design, while considering upper-bound column loading conditions to achieve the objective.

The result?

  • +/- $6,000 savings per column
  • +/- $576k total savings
  • No unnecessary sunken costs.

Additional cost savings not calculated amount from avoiding thicker metal roof deck, increased fastening patterns, and increased lateral frame members.

Wait, there’s more.
We also identified a conservative superimposed dead load applied to the roof for future tenant ceilings and MEP support. With the columns prepped for future tenant dunnage frames, we were able to comfortably reduce this design load by 10 psf.

The result?

  • Reduce steel roof joist weight by 0.5 psf
  • +/- $277,000 additional savings

The cost study by H+O resulted in +/-$853,000 total savings.

If you too want to avoid sunken costs, make informed decisions on your next development with H+O.

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Mike DelleFave
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How is that possible? Structure costs are not something structural engineers typically measure, making it impossible for them – and you – to understand the cost implications of each design decision.

Seemingly insignificant design decisions greatly impact the bottom line.

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