Introducing The H+O Cost Index

Are you spending too much money on your building's structure? Find out.

We combine technology and cost data to inform structural design so you don’t overspend.

Trusted by industry leading companies

Introducing The H+O Cost Index

Are you spending too much money on your building structure? Find out.

We combine technology and millions of building structure cost data points to inform structural design & engineering so you don’t overspend.

Benefits of H+O Cost Index

Top businesses partner with H+O to reduce building costs and create successful real estate assets.

Except 1
Invest with Confidence​

Know you’re not overspending on structure, freeing up $$$ for the entire design.

Except 4
Make Informed Decisions​

Make decisions informed by cost implications DURING the design process.

Except 5
Cost Index Guarantee

We will update the design at NO ADDITIONAL COST if you, or anyone on the team, identifies a cost-saving adjustment during the Cost Index phase.

How it Works?

We generate your custom project dashboard illustrating the structural cost implications of a project and its design.


Industry benchmarks. 
Networked with construction pros.
Data integrated structure costs.


Live building information models. Automation to index historical data.
Precise quantities.


Cost transparency.
Identify areas of high impact.
Full-team knowledge.

See what customers are saying...

We’re proud to support some of the leading developers and architects in the world.

“I have been fortunate to work with H+O on several wood-framed projects. I have found them to have a good understanding of how to effectively utilize offsite components in a way that brings great value to their clients. They do a great job designing cost-effective projects that are easily constructed. I would give them a high recommendation.”

Tom Dixon

“I can confidently say they’ve been an invaluable partner. They aren’t afraid to think outside the box, which has helped us optimize our structural designs and achieve greater efficiency on each project. I highly recommend H+O to anyone looking for a reliable, innovative and collaborative partner.”

Rob Simmons

“Really efficient, great communication and follow-up. They explain the options and impacts in a way that is easy for everyone to understand their value and make decisions.”

Robert Harbeson
Market Square Architects

“I can say with confidence H+O executes at a high level, regardless of the project type or location, and consistently does so in a timely manner.”

Ryan Noone

“I believe that most, if not all, of their structural engineers are trained to deliver a similar result that looks and feels the same. They have their systems down.”

Parker Snyder
ARCO National Construction

“They work with us, not against us. They don’t complain, bring a negative attitude, or “this is how I do it” ego. They are fresh thinking, can-do collaborators, in which we enjoy their presence as ‘designers’ on the team.”

Mike DelleFave
RODE Architects

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