23: Unlocking Business Growth Secrets: Boost Revenue, Profitability & Salable Value with Eric Crews

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In this episode of the Design Development podcast, host Rens Hayes interviews Eric Crews, Founder & CEO of Crews & co., who has built two businesses around painting and is now running his own business consulting firm. Eric shares his trade and service background, revealing how his family has been entrepreneurs for generations.

The conversation revolves around the concept of entrepreneurship and running businesses, where Eric shares how he started his own student painting business while in college, which he eventually grew over many years and sold last year. He also talks about his partnership with Mark Moses to start the commercial painting business CE Painting, which has been successful over the past few years.

Eric also talks about his transition to consulting and how he joined the Entrepreneurs Organization, where he volunteered mentoring for businesses and eventually became a certified EOS implementer. He now helps other businesses grow by providing value as a consultant.

Join Rens Hayes and Eric Crews as they delve into the world of entrepreneurship, sharing insights and valuable experiences that are sure to inspire and motivate. Learn how Eric's passion for running a business has led him to success, and discover how you can follow in his footsteps.

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Our goal is to help people in the industry identify opportunities for growth by sharing the journey of top performers. There is no one path. Success isn't a straight line. There is something to learn from everyone's story. Let's go!

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