81: Improving the Architecture Industry: Challenges and Opportunities with Evelyn Lee

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Evelyn Lee is the founder of Practice of Architecture, a consultancy, and resource for small to medium-sized architecture and design firms. With a career that spans across various sectors, Evelyn has established herself as a forward-thinker in the realms of real estate development, architectural practice, and technology. After starting her career in architecture, she pursued an MBA, worked in the tech industry with notable names like Slack, and has been an editor and startup advisor. Her current mission is to advance the architecture industry by rethinking revenue streams and expanding services in her sector.

Episode Summary:

In this captivating episode of “Design Development,” host Rens Hayes engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Evelyn Lee, a multi-faceted professional dedicated to transforming the world of architecture and design. The discussion delves into the common organizational pitfalls in the design industries and explores Evelyn's passionate efforts to innovate and improve the field of architecture through her unique blend of experience in technology and operations.

Evelyn discusses her journey from architecture into the tech world and back, bringing with her insights from outside the industry to tackle the cyclical challenges faced by architectural firms. Rens and Evelyn touch on the importance of personal branding and how being a vocal thought leader can attract opportunities for growth and development. Later, Evelyn shares her perspective on the future of architecture, emphasizing the need for the profession to evolve operationally and culturally to remain relevant and impactful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evelyn Lee's professional path highlights the importance of cross-disciplinary experience and leveraging skills from outside industries to drive change within traditional fields like architecture.
  • Addressing the typical organizational flaws in architecture requires rethinking business models to create more stable revenue streams and expanded services.
  • Personal branding and being proactively engaged in a professional community can lead to exciting opportunities, such as advising startups.
  • The tech industry offers valuable lessons in leadership, culture building, and operational efficiency that can be applied to modernize architectural practice.
  • There is a significant opportunity to elevate the role of architects in society, aiming to have them more involved in early stages of project planning and governmental decision-making

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