10: Boston Real Estate’s Superconnector – Marc Savatsky

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Marc Savatsky is a Boston-based developer, broker and licensed contractor Marc Savatsky knows real estate. Marc specializes in identifying and assessing development sites, financial modeling, zoning analysis, project permitting plus construction cost estimating and project management. He has a BS in construction management from Purdue University and is currently completing coursework in Boston University’s Real Estate Finance Program. Marc co-hosts a popular podcast called “The Real Estate Addicts”, a passion project which helps to educate others in the field of real estate development and has over 200,000 listens.

Marc lives in Boston and stays closely connected with the community. He volunteers with multiple civic and volunteer organizations including the Neighborhood Office of Affordable Housing where he has served as a Vice President of the board since 2018. Marc has served as a team leader at SPARK Boston, the Mayor’s young advisory council and was recently nominated as finalist for the SPARK Boston outstanding Alumni. Marc has spoken on real estate panels, symposiums and was recently featured in the WSJ and Boston Globe.

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