11: Professional development systems to sustain growth – Anthony Fasano, Engineering Management Institute

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Anthony Fasano is the founder of the Engineering Management Institute. Like many engineers, he aimed to become a high-level executive in my engineering organization.  When observing the leaders in my company, it is evident that they possessed skills in addition to their technical skills, namely excellent people management or ‘soft’ skills.  So, he set out to develop my ‘soft skills,’ a move that not only rapidly advanced my career, but led to me becoming an internal coach and trainer for my company, and ultimately inspired me to leave my engineering career behind to spend more time helping engineers become more effective managers and leaders.

Most AE consulting firms are too busy to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented professionals, making it hard to grow. Through his work at the EngineeringManagement Institute, Fasano utilizes a proven framework to help firms build professional development plans, programs, and tools that help them attract, build, maintain strong teams and grow sustainably. In addition to assisting firms in these areas, Fasano has written a bestselling book entitled engineers Your Own Success(byIEEE-Wiley Press), and under his stewardship, EMI has built a massive content platform including 5 active podcasts, 3 YouTube channels, and a popular blog dedicated to helping AE professionals become better managers and leaders.

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