20: Sustainability And Environmental Resilience Leader Dena Prastos – Bridging Design And Construction

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In this episode, we sit down with Dena Prestos, the brilliant architect and civil engineer who is leading the charge against sea-level rise and its devastating impact on our coasts. Dena shares her journey from the untouched wilderness of Alaska to the bustling New York Harbor, where she is working tirelessly to adapt our infrastructure to the changing natural environment. With sophisticated monitoring tools and a deep understanding of resilient construction, Dena is shaping the future of waterfront infrastructure and protecting our most valuable real estate. Don't miss this riveting conversation on climate adaptation and the urgent need for action.

More About Dena-
As Founder and CEO of Indigo River, Dena Prastos, AIA is the first “waterfront architect,” trailblazing a new category in the industry. Indigo River is a women-owned transdisciplinary design firm focused on progressive waterfront architecture, resiliency, and climate adaptation. A leading authority in New York Harbor and beyond, the firm specializes in climate adaptation through waterfront solutions that seamlessly transcend boundaries – guiding and executing projects from ideation through final construction and operations. Waterfront architect, civil engineer, futurist, climate adaptation expert, entrepreneur, and creative original, Dena is driven to transform the built world at the water's edge. With transdisciplinary and progressive views, she is fueled by the overlapping of design, technology, and nature. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers

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