25: Exposing the Risk in the Dirt with Stan Sadkowski, Principal at GeoEngineers

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Stan leads GeoEngineers USA’s development work in the Boston market. It takes more than just technical experience to succeed in this fast-paced environment, it takes people skills. Stan takes pride in both. He specializes in geotechnical design and construction, especially shallow and deep foundations, but his greatest passion is for the people and relationships on which this business is built.

Stan is an accomplished business leader with nearly two decades of experience in geotechnical and environmental engineering for urban and suburban development. Over the years, Stan has been the geotechnical engineer of record for some of the Boston region’s marquee development projects, from Boston Landing to Union Square and Suffolk Downs. His geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology experience is complemented by an understanding of environmental due diligence, and his insight into the intricacies of critical regulations like the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) helps his clients maintain regulatory compliance and navigate the MCP during development.

Stan works closely with other members of the national performance-based design team to offer clients an integrated suite of geotechnical and environmental services for developers and contractors.

“I’m really excited to continue building something amazing in Boston with this group,” Stan says. “There is so much positivity on this team, and it inspires and motivates me every day.”

When he’s not busy adding to the Boston skyline, Stan finds other outlets for his infectious positivity and love of people—like bingo. He regularly calls bingo and finds it therapeutic and entertaining to read the numbers and just hang out with the older ladies in the crowd.

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