27: Building a Culture of Energy and Motivation in Architecture: A Conversation with Kevin Deabler of RODE Architects

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Prepare for an extraordinary episode of Design Development as Rens Hayes brings you an in-depth conversation with the renowned Kevin Deabler, Principal at RODE Architects. Get ready to be captivated by their engaging discussion that will not only educate but also inspire you to take your own architectural journey to new heights.

To provide context, Rens prompts Kevin to delve into his remarkable background and shed light on the remarkable journey of RODE Architects. As a seasoned professional in the architecture industry, Kevin proudly unveils the vision and accomplishments of RODE Architects, a dynamic firm that designs and builds awe-inspiring homes.

The conversation takes an exciting turn as Kevin reveals that RODE Architects recently witnessed a significant milestone. Ben Wan and Jess Hayley, two exceptional individuals who have been instrumental in the firm's growth, were recently promoted to principal positions. This momentous development is a testament to the remarkable success and unwavering dedication of RODE Architects.

But it's not just about promotions and titles. Kevin delves into the heart and soul of RODE Architects, emphasizing the transformative impact the firm's work has on the community. Under the leadership of Ben and Jess, RODE Architects has fostered a vibrant culture that attracts driven and talented individuals. Kevin describes this culture as an ethereal essence, one that permeates the air and creates an exciting workplace environment. Gone are the days of dull and uninspiring spaces – at RODE Architects, creativity and motivation flourish.

In a thought-provoking segment, Kevin and Rens discuss the often-overlooked importance of working with people you genuinely like. They share their intentional approach to building a business where Sunday evenings are not dreaded but instead eagerly anticipated. This unique perspective challenges conventional business norms, highlighting the significance of friendships in fostering a thriving and successful work environment. With candor and wisdom, Kevin and Rens emphasize the need to lead with the right intent and never take advantage of friends in the professional realm.

Join Rens Hayes and Kevin Deabler for this genuinely exceptional episode that promises to leave you inspired and enlightened. Gain invaluable insights into the world of architecture, witness the power of dynamic company culture, and discover the remarkable impact that genuine friendships can have on professional success. Don't miss out on this fascinating conversation – tune in now and let the transformative ideas of Kevin Deabler resonate within you!

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