38: Navigating the Development Industry: Trends and Projects with Rens Hayes of H + O Structural Engineering

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This week, we have an extraordinary crossover episode as Rens Hayes, the charismatic host of the immensely popular Design Development Podcast, makes a special appearance on the Empowered Returns Podcast hosted by Michael DiMella & P.T. Vineburgh.

Rens Hayes is the founding partner of H&O Structural Engineering. With a background in structural steel fabrication, Rens brings a unique perspective to the field of engineering. He is passionate about building a strong brand and providing value to clients through a well-defined design process.

Rens Hayes, founding partner of H&O Structural Engineering, shares his journey from working in his family's steel fabrication business to starting his own engineering firm. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear mission, vision, and core values to guide decision-making and create a strong company culture. Rens also discusses the value of client alignment and how H&O delivers exceptional service by focusing on project planning and communication. He highlights the trend of mass timber construction and the opportunities it presents for sustainable and innovative building design. Rens concludes by discussing the challenges and exciting projects he has worked on, including a repositioning of an old timber building and an 18-story high-rise student housing development.

Rens Hayes, founding partner of H&O Structural Engineering, discusses the importance of alignment and culture in business. He emphasizes the need for a clear mission, vision, and core values to guide decision-making and organizational behavior. Hayes also highlights the value of project planning and communication in delivering successful outcomes for clients. He shares examples of challenging projects and the creative solutions his team has implemented. Hayes concludes by discussing the future growth plans for H&O, including national expansion and acquiring other firms. He also recommends two books: “A Hundred Million Dollar Offers” by Alex Hormozi and “The Almanac of Naval Ravikant.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a clear mission, vision, and core values is essential for guiding decision-making and creating a strong company culture.
  • Client alignment is crucial for delivering exceptional service and achieving project goals.
  • Mass timber construction is an emerging trend that offers opportunities for sustainable and innovative building design.
  • Project planning and communication are key to reducing risk and ensuring successful project execution.

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