71: Northstar Project & Real Estate Services with President Kirstin Brown

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Kirstin Brown is the principal and president of Northstar Project and Real Estate Services, a consultancy firm based in Greater Boston. With a tenure of over a decade at Northstar, Kirstin has been instrumental in steering the company's growth and solidifying its presence across various market sectors. She holds a degree in finance and a master's in real estate development. Prior to her current role, Kirstin gained valuable experience at Spaulding and Sly, specifically in land evaluation and development processes, notably in the Seaport district's fan pier project.

Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of Design Development, host Rens Hayes delves into a conversation with Kirstin Brown, an influential leader in the realm of real estate development. As the president of Northstar Project and Real Estate Services, Kirstin offers her profound insights into the industry, sharing her journey and growth through the ranks to become a significant figure in the field.

The episode provides a comprehensive look at Northstar's approach to project management, development management, and advisory services, touching on the sectors they cater to and the methodology behind their corporate structure. Emphasizing their core values, Rens and Kirstin discuss Northstar's commitment to business development training, ensuring that each team member is equipped to contribute effectively throughout their careers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Northstar is dedicated to cross-collaborative work within the firm, allowing team members to gain experience in various sectors by working with multiple principals.
  • Kirstin highlights the importance of principal involvement in projects, particularly during the initial stages, and explains how strategic decision-making in early phases is crucial for project success.
  • The firm places a strong emphasis on business development training from the start of one's career, fostering a culture of relationship-building and network expansion.
  • Kirstin's journey through different sectors of the real estate industry, including her work at Spaulding and Sly with the fan pier project, showcases her adaptability and expertise.
  • The conversation also touches upon the challenges and evolution of property development in response to environmental sustainability requirements.

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