72: Driving Business Results through L&D with Building PPL Founder, Krysta Van Ranst

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Krysta Van Ranst is the founder of Building PPL, an innovative company specializing in outsourced learning and development programs, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. With her early career beginning in event planning, Krysta quickly discovered her passion for learning and development during her tenure at Suffolk Construction. Her dedication to enhancing organizational cultures through learning opportunities has established her as a key figure in the field. Krysta’s work now involves aiding companies in obtaining training funds through grants, emphasizing the importance of investing in team competencies for corporate growth.

Episode Summary:
In this episode of Design Development, host Rens Hayes converses with Krysta Van Ranst, a leading authority on organizational learning and development, and founder of Building PPL. Listeners are invited to explore the often-underestimated role of learning and development in the growth and success of organizations within the real estate development and construction industries.

Right from the onset, Rens underlines how significant learning and development opportunities are for employees' roles and the consequent growth of a company. The conversation delves into the challenges posed by an aging workforce in the construction industry and the strategic importance of preparing the next generation through intentional learning programs. Krysta emphasizes the need for companies to strike a balance between goals, relationships, and processes, which she explicates with a compelling equilateral triangle analogy.

Key elements these show notes wrap into the episode include strategies for improving employee onboarding, utilizing government training grants effectively, and cultivating a robust learning culture. Through the dialogue, we receive invaluable insights into how businesses can foster environments of lifelong learning and development while driving strategic outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emphasizing the importance of a balanced focus on goals, relationships, and processes can lead to more successful teams.
  • Training grants are a valuable resource for companies, allowing them to invest in their employees' learning and development proactively.
  • Creating a positive and personalized onboarding experience is crucial for setting the tone for new employees' journeys.
  • Companies should have systems to document and transfer the invaluable knowledge of long-tenured employees.
  • Building career roadmaps is essential in helping employees understand their growth potential within an organization.

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